I Ramble

Dear Mrs. Goodnow,

Andrew is no longer allowed to play with De Brown. 

Thank you,

His bartender


 Every time I hang out with that guy shit gets crazy.  I start playing skee-ball, drinking Past Blue Ribbon, calling Australia (Yes, I called Australia last night.  Not quite sure why I thought that was a good idea.  I don’t even know anyone in Australia), and arguing with people at T-Mobile.  The woman at the customer service actually hung up on me.  It was hysterical.  And I didn’t think they were allowed to do that.

In other news:

Going to Delaware Friday.  Ohhhhhhhh snap-diggity- dog.  That is always a good time. 

I think I am going to Boston in a couple of weekends.  Maybe see a Red Sox game.  IF they actually decide to show up and play.  That would be great.

Did anyone see Tom Brady throw for 511 yards on Monday night?  That was fairly awesome.

I have got to go to the gym.  Actually, I need to start training for something again.  Maybe a destination marathon would be a good idea.   Maybe I’ll train to dunk a basketball.  First I think I will sit in the sauna.  Baby steps.

I’m sitting at a Starbucks realizing that this place must mint money.  Every student, wanna be writer (yep, that’s me), bored housewife in a three block radius must be in this place RIGHT NOW.

If another person attempts to tell me that Michele Bachmann is smart enough to be president of this country I’m going to poke them in the forehead. 

I haven’t eaten a salad in a month.  I think that needs to change.

I ordered the Trenti size at Starbucks for the first time today.  Yep, it is bigger than my head. 

I want to go on a first date with someone and wear a tuxedo t-shirt.  The reaction would be priceless.

Watched Forest Gump a couple nights ago.  Fuck me, but that movie makes me cry every fucking time I watch it.  How can you not lose it when Jenny dies of AIDS?

How about the Post Office going under?  Con: I will not get my New Yorker Magazine.  Pro: No more bills.

I am getting business cards made that will read:

Andrew Goodnow

Writer And All Around Good Guy


An ex of mine wrote me a note recently.  I decided not to respond.  Nothing to gain.  I think that is me making progress in life.