by agoodnow

This past weekend I was in Delaware to visit some college buddies. A few thoughts on this….

I miss those guys.  It sucks that we don’t get together more often.  Now, I know we are all in different parts of the country, but we always have fun when we get together.

I spent $46.55 for a night of drinking, buying rounds, and some pizza in Newark, DE.  I guess living in NYC has skewed my thoughts on how much things cost.

I haven’t been tailgating for a Delaware game in a LONG time. 

Having access to just about any food I want at any time of day has spoiled me living in NYC, however, there is nothing like DP Dough on Main St. for late night food. 

As it turns out, the university decided to start tearing down buildings all over the place.  I suppose it is all about evolving, but I sorta liked the way it was before.  A bunch of the dive bars on Main St. have been ripped down and in turn a wine bar and an upscale Irish bar have been built.  Sorry, but a wine bar in a college town is stupid unless they are serving boxed wine.

The guys at Delaware are getting far more nerdy.  The girls are getting really hot.  I was born a few years too early, however, I also would not be able to get into the school with my high school grades right now.  I guess this means hot girls are getting smarter.   I now predict we will have a female president sooner than later.  Just the way things are trending.  Yes, I am saying that because of one weekend at Delaware.

I am now on the fence about going to Homecoming.

It has been a long time since I attended a fraternity party.  I forgot how amazingly not fun they could be.

Oh, and one last thing…..don’t mess with Deebo.  It is a bad idea.