Breaking into an ATM Machine

by agoodnow

I’m walking north on 1st Ave the other day.  It was around noon.  Lots of people around.  I had been doing my laundry so I had a large bag over my shoulder.   I was walking past my favorite pizza place when I took notice of two guys with a set of tools…..what nationality they were is of no consequence.  So these two Hispanic guys are drilling, hammering, smashing up this street ATM machine.   I would have thought that if they needed to repair it or service it that there is a key you could use to open the thing up.  Nope, these dudes are straight punishing this machine.  Drilling out the lock, bashing the the panelling lose, kicking it a few times. 

So I pause to watch and I am in complete amazement.  Nobody else is looking at this.  How is this possible?  What is going on? 

And that is the end of the story……I walked away.  Thinking that the next time I need some cash I am picking up a drill and a hammer and “hitting the ATM”


1. I have decided that I am not going to eat anything solid until after 5 pm everyday for five days.

2. Ted Mosby needs to go ahead and meet this chick cause the show is going downhill fast.

3. Terry Francona is a great announcer. 

4. If somebody told me the Buffalo Bills would be in first place after 5 weeks, I would have kicked them in the shin and told them to “Smarten up.”

5.  Haven’t been to the movies in some time.   Thinking about 50/50.  Looks good.