I Am the Worst Speeler in the World

I am the worst at spelling and grammar.  It is abysmal (hoping spell check picks that up).  I am almost certain that one of the reasons a girl once ended a relationship with me is how inept (again, hoping spell check makes sure I don’t look dumb) I was at putting letters in the correct order to form words.  It is a problem.  But here is the real problem…why the fuck should I know how to spell?  Everything I do is on a computer.   There is spell check.  When I publish my book I will either have an editor look at it or an agent will have read it over. 

Even more so, I doubt half of the people who read my blog even know how often I misspell words.  Who knows?  Maybe you do and think I’m a big dumb animal.  (Which I can be from time to time)  That said, I’m sorry for using “lose” when I should have written “loose” in my last blog.  Sincerest apologies.

Some thoughts:

1. This not eating solid foods until post 5 pm (did not eat a solid food until 10 pm) is working out pretty well.  I feel good.  I think it is good to give the body a bit of a rest from having to digest all day long.  Now this might not be something I want to do for a long stretch of time, but five days should work.   Interested to see if I drop any pounds because of this.  I sure as hell hope so.  Also, had more energy at the gym tonight.  I’ll take it.

2. I need a washer/dryer.  Seriously.  Doing laundry at the laundromat is brutal.   And kinda gross.

3.  Those commercials with Deion Sanders as a fairy.  Good stuff.  Not sure how they made that happen, but I’m sure he got paid a ton of money. 

Deion’s Agent: Deion, great opportunity.  We can dress you up in a football uniform and have you fly around as a little fairy.

Deion (Jaw drops)

Deion’s Agent (hands him a slip of paper with a large number on it)

Deion:  Yea, alright….maybe we can fit this in…..just as long as I can tell a hot white girl to “slow her roll”

4.  I got a rejection letter from an agent today.  I only mention this because it took the agent EIGHT minutes to reply.  I will repeat.  EIGHT minutes from the time I sent it, to him reading it, to him sending a rejection letter.  EIGHT minutes.  The rejection said that the agency was focusing on non-fiction projects.  Which might be a reason for a quick reject, but fuck me……it felt like I got punched in the gut.  That is a quick turn around time to tell somebody their work does not interest you.

5. I am pulling for a Tigers v. Brewers World Series.  Not sure if that is going to happen the way things stand now, but it is interesting that NONE of the AL East made it to the ALCS.  Or for that matter that the

10th – Detroit

11th – St. Louis

13th – Texas

17th- Milwaukee

 highest payrolls in baseball are still playing.  http://content.usatoday.com/sportsdata/baseball/mlb/salaries/team

6.  My fantasy football team: 1-3-1 record.   I think we are making a comeback here!!!!  First win of the year.  And all I had to do was beat an 8 year old!!!  (Yeah, I feel big and bad)