Occupy Wall St.

I am currently unemployed/retired/trying to be a writer.  In essence I don’t wake up and report to an office by 9 am on weekdays.  Until yesterday I was OK with that……and then I went down to Occupy Wall St.

I’m going to start with this.  I don’t get it.  There is no central theme.  I feel like somebody needs to go down there with a thesis statement.  What are you trying to accomplish?  You know what they could use?  A corporate CEO.  Somebody who knows how to get things done. 

While I was down there – and the protesters are actually at a park on Broadway, not Wall St. – I took some notes.  Here is what I observed.

There were several people who were CLEARLY on drugs.  I’m not talking about smoking a little pot.  I’m talking tripping on acid.  They were screaming uncontrollably.  It was a little scary. 

Drumming.  People were drumming and others were dancing.  At one point a man chanted “It tried to rain and we drummed the rain away.”   Yep, sounds a lot like you are protesting Wall St. there.  Guys were dancing with their shirts off, their ass cracks were showing.  It looked more like a bunch of hippies than intelligent protest designed to enact change on Wall St.

A first-aid tent.  I would not go into that tent without having a tetanus shot first.  And why in the hell do they need a first aid tent?  You live in a city with some of the best hospitals in the world.  If you get sick go to one of them!  First Aid tent.  Or I have another idea.  Go the fuck home if you don’t feel good. 

Police.  There was literally 1:1 police to protester ratio.  I wonder how much tax money is being spent on overtime for the police down there.  Way to go protesters.  I hope there isn’t a real emergency that the police have to attend to instead of babysitting you. 

There was a guy running for President of the United States.  Campaigning.  Harold Braun.  He was talking about how we are all connected as organisms and the rain and the trees and people and all sorts of other crazy shit.  I think he really has a chance with this election’s weak field. 

There were no petitions. 

It smelled terrible down there.   They could use a large bottle of Febreeze.  Perhaps some soap.  Deodorant.  A shower. 

I was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a green pull over sweater.  It was obvious that I was not part of the protest….that should give a bit of insight to how the protesters were dressed. 


Seeing that whole mess made me think, “Ya know, I really want to start working again.  I never, ever, ever want to be like these people.  No matter what.  Not even if I were cast in a movie about the protests would I want to star in it”  It was THAT bad.   It made me WANT to pay ATM fees.  I might buy stock in Goldman Sachs on Monday.  I may even apply to another job in finance….this time working on Wall St.   All those people sitting around in a park NEAR Wall St. have done is clog up a public space, waste public resources, and piss off people like me.  Good job guys.  Pat yourselves on the back. 

I have no compassion for any of these people.  Go get jobs.  Sleep in your home (if you have one).  If you are going to protest GET ORGANIZED!!!!