Occupations are Bad

by agoodnow

Here is the overall summary of the article pasted below:  Some occupy Wall St. guy climbed a 30 foot piece of art after getting a ticket for public urination (sorry, but anyone pissing in public in front of that many cops deserves a ticket).   So he gets to the top and starts making demands:  a jacket, a cigarette, Mayor Bloomberg to resign, 15% of the NYPD to be bisexual (oh, yes..this is where it gets weird), and that 15 cops leave the occupation area.   This is where I get pissed….he is from Toronto……CANADA!!!!!!  He isn’t even an American.  Not a New Yorker.  He is demanding that my mayor resign.  Hey kid…fuck you.  Go home.  I hope he gets deported.  Who is he to think anyone cares about him sitting on top of some abstract piece of art?  Good, stay up there.  Be cold.  The fact that the police even used resources to get him down pisses me off.  That guy is everything wrong with the protest.  He climbed to the top of the structure and had nothing to say about Wall St.  Nothing to say about corporate greed.  Nothing to move the protest along.  His first two demands – a jacket and a cigarette.  Sounds GREEDY to me.  Selfish.  The exact thing he is protesting.