Motorcycles and Tim Tebow

Walking down First Ave. yesterday I heard a ROAR.  A very loud one.  I looked up to see what must have been a THOUSAND motorcycles rumbling toward me.  Some of the riders were wearing costumes.  There was a gorilla, Chewbacka, Little Red Riding Hood…..doing wheelies down the street.  It was unreal.  Some of the guys had cameras on top of their helmets.  I didn’t see one Harley….all rice rockets (I wonder if that is politically correct?). 

Tim Tebow – Not a huge fan of his religious views, but I LOVE the way he plays football.  I think he is going to be a shot of life for the NFL.  A great role model (I doubt he will get picked up for a DUI and found with an unlicensed gun, but you never know).  Hard worker.  I will be pulling for him.

The Red Sox should just start over. 

My typical Sunday football watching buddy was at a wedding last night.  Looks like we might not be making it for the 1 pm games……

I was up at 7 am.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I was home very early last night.

Dan Whledon – I met that guy.  He was cool.  I feel terrible for his wife and kids.  Those guys know how dangerous the sport can be….just sad to see the reality of it.

I played Connect 4 at a bar last night.  What a great game for a bar.  Any time you lose, you are just perplexed at how you missed three colors in a row. 

Is anyone watching the World Series?  I’m a pretty big baseball fan and I’m not into it.  Not sure why.