John Lackey, Jonah Hill, Live blog

by agoodnow

Some thoughts:

1.  I am seriously debating posting some of my short stories right here on the blog.  That way people can read what I am writing and can tell me if I am horrible at the whole writing thing and that I should “get a real job” again.

2. If you haven’t gotten the Gaslight Anthem’s iTunes session – go do it.  Now.  Right now.  Go.  And if you only get one song – download Our Fathers Sons.    Did you do that yet?  Ok….I’ll wait for you. 

3. Amazon is getting into the book publishing business.  Good for me.  Bad for the agents and publishers who won’t give me the time of day.

4. Finished a short story today.  Which shows productivity.  You know what would be funny?  If I were to track my productivity like my old job used to.  We had in input all of our activity into some terrible system that would constantly crash, thus taking up valuable time that I could have spent doing my job.  So what would this system look like.  Maybe I’ll document every activity I partake in tomorrow.  Like a live blog of my life.  “Applying shampoo to hair”  “Towelling off”  “Brushing teeth”  “Walking around apartment naked” ……oh, this has some real potential. 

5. Thinking about having a marathon party.  Who wants to come?

6. John Lackey = Tommy John surgery.  Out for all of 2012.  Usually it is not good news when your $17m a year pitcher misses an entire season, however, in this case, I’m good. 

7. I participated in a “dance off” last night.  I seriously hope there isn’t any video footage of this.  Boy, I sure am fun sometimes….

8.  A great quote “In the eighties and nineties, people made a lot of money and built houses.   The first thing they put in their houses was a gym.  In my house, the frist thing I built was a bar.  The second thing I built was another bar.” – Ozzie Guillen.  Former professional athlete and MLB manager.

9.  How about Jonah Hill losing all that weight.  I personally think that makes him less funny.  I would prefer he go all Chris Farley.  Really get after a degenerate lifestyle and remake Tommy Boy.  Just my two cents.

10. Conversation overheard at a bar last night.

Girl: Do you have any weed?

Black gentleman next to her: The fuck?  You think cause I’m black I have drugs? 

Me: Hahahahahahahaha

11.  I wanted to throw something when I read the article below.  I know the defense has to do what it can for its client, but this is over the top.  Straight from the NY Post in regards to that Connecticut home invasion:

The defense also attempted to challenge the state’s classification of the crime as heinous, cruel and depraved, arguing that the girls’ death by smoke inhalation was relatively quick.

Judge Jon C. Blue denied those motions, noting that they endured a horrible ordeal before their deaths.

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