Heat and Tropical Islands for Cheap

by agoodnow

Today is an important day for me.  A day that I do not much enjoy.  A day that will cause me to get sick.  A day that means autumn is on its way to becoming another cold, bitter New York winter.  Today, my heat was turned on.  The heat that in my hundred year old apartment – I have zero control over.  This means my windows will be open for the next five months. Bah.  Fitting, today is a grey, misery.  The cargo shorts can go away.  The days of wearing a t-shirt outside (comfortably)…done.  Yep, the days are shorter, darker.  People will begin falling into the winter doldrums…and by doldrums, I mean depression.  Good for you Pfizer.  You can push some more product.

As for me….I’m planning my getaway.  Thinking that I’ll stick around through the holidays and maybe my birthday (it is a big one seeing how I will be the big 3-0) but after that – time to get out of Dodge.  I found this small island off the coast of Puerto Rico.  It is so cheap that they are pretty much paying you to be there.  I could sit on the beach.  Write.  Enjoy the warmth. 

For this to happen…I need to sell some books.  So I need to get going on the whole “self publishing” of this thing.  I may lock myself in a room for the next three weeks. 

If anyone has suggestions as to cheap islands to hang out on….let this guy know.