The McRib

by agoodnow

The McRib – King of fast food sandwiches.  I had not met him until last night.  Now, I’m scared.  What if I can’t stop eating them?  What if this is a new addiction.  I woke up and all I could think of was another delicious, barbecue covered, tangy McRib.  I wonder if there is some sort of chemical in the “rib” that makes it so addictive?  There must.  I NEED another McRib.  Right now!  It is a McRib hangover.  The only cure is another McRib.  But do I give in to this craving?  I mean, it is lunch time.  What’s wrong with getting a little McRib into the dietery mix……….every….single…  I am confused.  My life was so much easier a few short hours ago when the McRib was only a terrible McDonald’s commercial.  Now the McRib is LITERALLY part of me (until the digestive process is complete).  This could be tough.  I either need to say goodbye to the McRib forever (a one night stand with it, if you will) or embrace it.  Take it on a few dates.  See where it goes.  But before that, maybe I need to stalk the McRib a little bit.  Check out its stats?  I have no idea how many calories this thing has.  How much sodium.  What if the McRib has some unnatural ingredients?  How many other people has the McRib been with?  How many people touch the McRib before it gets to me?  These are all questions that need answers before I dedicate myself to a fast food sandwich. 

Or maybe I should stop thinking about it and just go eat a fucking McRib because it tastes good.