ID Theft and Lottery Winnings

by agoodnow

Last night my debit card was rejected.  At first I did some quick math and realized there was no possible way that my checking account was out of money.  UNLESS.   Yep, you got it.  Someone charged SEVERAL thousands of dollars on my debit card to….wait for it…..iTunes.   hahahahahahaha.  This is funny.  Apparently the person who stole my info was a HUGE fan of Rod Stewart.  Eventually my bank deactivated my card because….well….who on earth likes Rod Stewart that much? 

Anyways….apparently it is fairly easy to get money back from something like iTunes so the cash is already back in my account.  They simply put a stop on all of the downloads or something like that.  I guess I wasn’t the only one this happened to.   All is well that ends well.  Just a small inconvenience last night.  Oh well.

Speaking of money…Powerball is over $200m according to the annoying NY State Lottery commercials.

Let’s say that after taxes and taking the lump sum you clear $75m.   I wonder what I would do with that kind of money?  I think I might go ahead and start some sort of charity trust.  Then I would travel around the US finding different places to give money away to.  That would be awesome. 

I would also buy an island and probably a Ferrari.  A penthouse apartment in Manhattan.  A bar.  A really expensive suit.  Like something Barney Stinson would wear.  I would adopt a large Saint Bernard.  I would also lobby to purchase a Panda from the Chinese or perhaps I would hire someone to Pandanap one for me.  A sailboat that I will name Klunty.  Perhaps hire an executive chef to make me lots of food stuff.  I would also build the world’s greatest man cave: Not just the TV’s, but I would have an octogon where my friends and I could fight to the death if we have a disagreement (I am looking at you Rob Ward!!!! – I may live to regret that last statement), an area where you can throw stuff.  Like anything you want – want to break a glass, BAM!!! done.  Want to smash a can of paint DONEZO.   Want to burn that John Lackey jersey?  Light that shit on fire.  There would also be a bubbler that dispenses Rip Tide flavored Gatorade.  Naturally there will be a few taps. Some booze.  A pool table.  A full band set up.  Guitars, drum kit, microphones.  I don’t even play music….it would just be awesome!  A batting cage.  A golf simulator.  (I might be describing a full sports complex at this point).   Anyways it would be fun.