72 Days

by agoodnow

I will keep this short and sweet.  Anyone see the most recent heterosexual celebrity divorce?  The one that lasted for 72 days?  The one that earned the people involved a reported $16m. 

Ok, where are all of the people who want to protect the sanctity of marriage protesting this?   Where are you?  Are you kidding me?  Anyone who for one second speaks ill of gay marriage yet does not speak out on this with their signs and hate needs to take a good look in the mirror.  72 days…………..

I respect opinions…..but I also think having an even outlook on events is needed.  Again, why aren’t the people who want to protect marriage pissed about this?  I want to see outrage from the Christian community.  I want to see you guys red in the face.  Show these people that what they did is wrong. 

72 days……….

What a fucking joke.

We all make mistakes.  I get that.  We can all forgive mistakes, but when a person profits millions of dollars from a wedding that last 72 days…………shouldn’t some moral authority (that perhaps thinks marriage is sacred) speak out.  Where are you?  I have not heard a fucking word about this from the Christian right.  Where are you?  Why aren’t you mad/angry/beside yourself? 

Come on….give yourselves some credibility.

Goodnow out.