Andy Rooney and Marathons

NYC marathon is tomorrow.  I am, by all means, upset that I am not running it.   Last year I ran three half marathons and The Philadelphia Marathon.  This year….I got fat.   Not like fat, fat.  But definitely the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  I would like to think that I can possess the self-discipline to keep in shape, but it is apparent that unless I have a goal in mind I don’t stay motivated.  I need to sign up for something, pay money for it, and have a plan.  How about the Maui marathon?  It is in January.   Gives me time to train.   I am thinking that would be a great idea.  I like Hawaii.  I like running marathons.  This could work. 


Elsewhere:  I have good news and I have bad news.  I have decided to rejoin the ranks of the employed once again.  This time in a capacity that I hope to enjoy.  Advertising.  I have some meetings set up and I’m excited about the opportunity to do something creative.   We’ll see how it goes, but let’s be honest people….I would make a perfect Don Draper.  (Ok, maybe Pete Campbell)


Oh hey, the movie Little Miss Sunshine………..the child beauty pageant scene where the girls are paraded onto the stage.   If you watch the movie take notice of Greg Kinnear’s facial expressions.  Hysterical.  One of the best acting jobs ever and he doesn’t say a word. 

I have lost 25 straight games of darts to my local bartender.  I’m glad we don’t put money on it.  It isn’t like I’m all that bad either.  I’m not missing the board or anything.  I may get a dart board for my apartment…..I mean, I might as well use my time in a productive capacity.

New goal in life…….replace Andy Rooney.  Think about it.  I’m witty.  I like to complain about random things.  I have a unique and interesting perspective on the world.  I can say inappropriate things that get me in trouble.   If you were unaware Andy Rooney passed away last night at the age of 92.  I loved that guy.  I recall growing up watching 60 Minutes and always looking forward to whatever insight Andy had that would round out the show.  In his final segment he spoke about being a writer first and the importance writing had in the telling truth.  I will miss Andy Rooney.