1970s Porn Star Mustache

Let’s see…what did I do today?

Oh, that’s right.  I shaved.  But not everything.  I kept a ………..wait for it…….mustache.  Yep.  Between that and my now longer hair (which will be getting cut tomorrow) I look like a 1970’s porn star.  I got out of the shower, looked at myself, didn’t really recognize who I was looking at, and laughed hysterically.  I have a feeling that will be getting shaved, but I think I’ll let myself be surprised by how I look when I wake up tomorrow morning.   Don’t worry, I even took a couple pictures.  It is too funny not to. 

Also made a decision today.  I will be running the Miami Marathon on January 29th.  By that point I’m pretty sure I’ll need some warm weather.  Good way to round out my 20’s.  Run a marathon, enjoy some climate change, experience a new city.   Oh hey, lose a little bit of my funemployment weight.  That leaves me with only ten weeks to train.  I am pretty sure I can make that happen.  I have done it before.  I will do it again.  Seeing the NYC marathon always inspires me.  If those people can do it, I can do it.   Training starts tomorrow.   Anybody who wants to go for a long run with me, let me know.


Time to Watch Rocky for some inspiration.