Tower Heist – Real Life

So I went to the movies today.  Saw Tower Heist.  Whomever produced that movie should be tied to a tree in Central Park, covered with honey and be left to the wild badgers that roam the park.  No, but really……….that movie sucked.  Like a lot.  It had so much potential, but it just………there are no words for how bad that movie was.  An entire story line was left unfinished!  A character literally disappeared and he was the best character!   The end was brutal.  I felt the theatre feeling like I should have been paid $13 to view it not the other way around.  Plus there were scenes that had heights in them.  I am afraid of heights.  Even when they are in the movies.  The entire experience was disappointing and upsetting.

So I got home from the movie and something isn’t right.  Someone has been in my apartment.  I can just tell.  I walk into the bathroom and the shower curtain is down and my stuff has been removed from the tub.  Hmm….interesting.  Upon further inspection, my tub had been re grouted.  The fuck is that all about?  I guess my building came in and touched up my bathroom?  That or somebody broke in, looked around, said Awwww, shit….this place is FUCKED UP.  Maybe I should help out and re grout the tub.”  Frankly, I would rather he (or as it may turn out, she) have washed the floors and maybe done a little clean up in the kitchen.  Maybe brought over a steam cleaner and hit the rug.  Done a load of my laundry.  If this person is going to come into my home and start fixing things, the tub is the least of my worries.  I clean that thing at least once a month.  Don’t get me wrong at least nothing is missing and the tub does look nice, but I am going to leave a note on the fridge for the next time this occurs.  

That’s what I think happened.  Criminals in New York are the best in the world!  Though I might go ahead and get new shampoo… never know what could have been put in it.  Ahem.