Naked Man on Roller Skates

I got a hearty laugh today when I checked to see what key words were used in Google to find my blog and one of them was “porn”.  Hahahahahahahahaha.  I really am laughing right now.  I guess my “1970s Porn Star Mustache” post led to some unwanted attention.  Regardless, entertaining to me.

Speaking of porn……..last night I went to the People’s Improv Theatre to see a comedy show.  It was hysterical.  There was a point where Jim Gaffigan (you would recognize him if you saw him) got on stage and did a bit about Subway sandwiches.  I damn neared pissed myself.  Maybe I did have to pee at that point in time, but he didn’t help things.  Dude is hilarious.   But I digress, the porn part…..sooooooooo….at one point a man came on stage on roller skates.  That’s all he was wearing.  Roller skates.   We are talking full frontal nudity.  I was confused for a quick minute, but then he left the stage and the next act came on… was a tad odd.  The show goes on, there was a talking telephone, some dancers wearing 1980’s aerobic spandex (that makes sense, right?) who sang, an MC who had some timely lines, a comic who was not on his game, and at the end of the show…..well, shit got weird.  What do I mean by this, you may ask.  Well, the man wearing only roller skates came back into the room with a cake.  And…….ahhhh……….he sat on it and then…..he……….ummm….he rubbed the cake all over his……..(I’m cringing) his……..nether region.  But it got a little bit worse.  That meant the show was over and at the end of the show a picture is taken with the entire audience on stage (it is an intimate theatre)………so I end up two feet away from this guy sitting on a cake who is actively rubbing chocolate cake on his……and it is all over his…….and……I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. 

Either way, it was a great time.  My buddy Vin was playing in the house band.  Glad he invited me.  It was something I would not normally partake in (well, to be fair, I would not usually see a nude male sit on a cake).  But definitely a funny show.  I will have to check out the lineup at the PIT now and then. 

Just as a side note to all of this…..takes some real balls (pardon that) to roller skate naked in front of a crowd of people.  Especially when you aren’t…umm……packing?  Is that the appropriate term there?  Regardless, I give that guy props.  I’m pretty doubtful that I would have the nerve to have done such a thing (while sober).