Neglectful Blogger

by agoodnow

No posts in two weeks?  I sure am a neglectful blogger.  Jeez.

Some news and notes from the world that is Andrew:

1. Had the passing of a family member by extension.  The funeral was Wednesday which was very taxing on everyone.  It was a Catholic Mass and burial which lent itself toward structure which I think was helpful.  You knew what to expect.   I’m not a huge Catholic Church fan, but will say that certain rituals do help with the grieving process.  I was a pallbearer and I must say, that casket was unexpectedly heavy. 

2. I missed my annual Thanksgiving football game.  Which kinda sucked, but I left Connecticut to return to NYC on Thursday night.  Fortunately my team still won.  (I guess I was the weakest link)

3. I have been craving a Pat’s Cheesesteak recently. 

4. The Boston Red Sox are a train wreck right now.  No manager.  No free agents signings.  Nothing going on at all.  They are just….just….firing people and not replacing them.  It could be a rough 2012 baseball season in  Boston.

5. Penn State.  Just sad.  I think that is about all there is to say there.  A sexual predator was let loose and used his position as a respected member of the most respected football program in the country to find victims. It doesn’t sound like there is a whole lot of doubt as to his guilt.  We live in a country where Sandusky will get his day in court, but even if (and if is being used without much conviction here) he is aquitted…..he may as well move to a small Eskimo community in the arctic circle of Canada.  I doubt he will be very welcome anywhere in the civilized world. 

6. I was approached by an “escort” at a bar the other night.  She didn’t look like a hooker, but she was.  So though I had no interest in paying for sex I did engage her in conversation, mostly because I thought she would have funny stories.  She did…..scary, creepy, and disturbing stories.  I wished her well after a few minutes and I couldn’t help, but to feel bad for her.  She had a four year old daughter, traveled a lot, and though she said that she liked what she did…..I guess I just don’t buy it. 

7. It was 64 degrees yesterday……….I’ll take it!

8. Two and a Half Men sucks now.  Sucks!

9. Where is Mad Men?

10. I should get a Christmas tree.

11. My neighbor wants to get rid of her cat.  It is a HUGE black cat.  I am considering it.