How To Dress For A Job Interview

by agoodnow

I need fashion advice.  Yep, Mr. Brooks Brothers non-wrinkle button down shirts needs some advice on how to dress.  But not the reason you might think.  Nope, for an odd reason.  It isn’t that I don’t dress up well enough….I don’t dress down well enough.  I was told today (during an informal meeting) that I don’t dress the part of a copywriter.  I didn’t look creative enough……….


Now, mind you, the person who said this to me is an accomplished, respected, and uber successful individual in the digital and advertising industries.  So it leads me to think……how should I dress for interviews when I want to be thought of as creative.

Here is what I wore to the meeting today:

Brooks Brothers dress khakis, blue Brooks Brothers button down shirt (non-wrinkle, of course), maroon dress shoes, a dark blue (not exactly navy) blazer.  I thought I was dressed down because I didn’t have on the monkey suit with a tie.

So it looks like it is time to hit the GoodWill.  Oh yeah….tattered hoodies, tight tank tops, hipster jeans, some sort of vest that makes me look creative, yet not too fancy.   I got this thing.  The next time I walk into a meeting that has anything to do with advertising it is ON.  The person interviewing me is going to GASP at how creative I look.  I may even lie down on the interviewer’s office floor and do the interview while staring at the ceiling.  Maybe eat a Subway Sandwich while on the floor and talk about how I think Jared was a great advertising icon, but he is no Snapple Lady.

Or I will interrupt the middle of the interview and yell “Dance party time!!!”   Start dancing for 30 seconds and then resume the interview like nothing happened.  Come on, that’s creative.

Or……….I go back to a suit and tie job that I am (obviously) suited (get the pun there?) for.  Or is it….for which I am obviously suited?   Boy, I need a grammar lesson.

In conclusion……..I’m confused.  I thought my classic style was always going to work for me.  WRONG.  Time to spice up the wardrobe.  Like STAT.  I will consider any suggestions:

Animal fur – absolutely!  I would love to wear a rabbit fur hat!  What says team player like “I’m willing to kill Thumper for this job!”  That would immediately give me a leg up (get it, Thumper…leg up….fuck, I am witty) on the competition.

Skinny jeans – Sure!  I don’t want kids right now anyways!

Muscle shirts – Got it!  Impose my strength on the person interviewing me  (ok, that probably would just make someone laugh, but making someone laugh during an interview is good, right?)

Flip flops – I’d do that anyways…..come on….if women can do it, why can’t I?

T-shirt with completely inappropriate slogan – If you can’t laugh with your co-workers then I don’t want to work there…and I think we are all a little too PC these days anyways.  What happened to the days when you could joke around and not get called in HR over it?

My Tom Brady Jersey – Nothing says “I’m going after that NIKE account!” like wearing your Tom Brady (who is the Under Armour spokesman) jersey that is manufactured by Reebok.   Besides, they’ll think I’m athletic and need me for the company dodgeball team.

Fraternity t-shirt –  It means I can get through a pledge period.  I can drink lots of beer (with or without the gold fish).  I will interact well with others (with or without my shirt on).  I can use a paddle if need be.  I speak well in front of crowds.  And gosh darnit people like me!

Thick, black rimmed glasses – I says “I can see stuff real good like”  Also, I’m hip, trendy and YOU NEED TO HIRE ME because I am just that awesome.

Lots of bling –  I’m talking chains with my name on them.  Rings.  A huge diamond in my ear.  Just to say “Hey, I’m here.  Notice me!” 

Walk into the interview and start throwing money in the air –  “You hire me, and THIS happens every Thursday afternoon!”  as I take 15 one dollar bills and throw them around the office making more of a mess than anything else.

Music playing as I enter the room –  Boom box….1984 style…..playing Sir Mix A Lot’s “I like big butts” on tape.  That interviewer will NEVER forget me.  Not even if he or she suffers from some form of dementia. It will be forever printed in his or her mind. 

So there it is……how to dress for a job interview.  Thoughts?  Any ideas?  I’d love to hear them.