Nirvana’s Nevermind

by agoodnow

I have been a tad under the weather the last couple of days.  When I don’t feel good I do something very odd.  I clean.  I don’t get it.  I feel like the bottom of my foot and I clean like the Pope (ok, bad example)…like Tina Fey is coming over (ok, good example).  The up side of this is my writing desk is clear and ready for use yet once again.  I even went through some old CD’s and I’m currently listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind (one of the best rock albums ever made).  I had forgotten about some of the lesser known tracks and how genius some of them can be.  I never listened to Nevermind like I did the Pearl Jam albums (over and over and over…my poor mother) so I don’t know them as well.  It got me to thinking, Nirvana went out at their peak.  They never had that let down album (like every fucking Pearl Jam album I listened to after Vitalogy….seriously Pearl Jam put out another ROCK album enough of this wuss crap).  If you can’t tell I’m upset with Pearl Jam.  Anyhow, Kurt Cobain may have had a raw voice, but it sure did shout out his message.  Nirvana could have gone the Pearl Jam road and made another eight albums that were OK and they could make all of their money off of touring for the rest of their lives.  Take the Rolling Stones.  When is the last time they put out a relevant album (hell, even a song)?  Does it matter?  Nope, they announce they are going on tour and half of the 55+ population is ready rock out.  Why?  Because they MADE great music.  If you look at sustainable music careers very few rock artists can keep up Nirvana/Pearl Jam 1992 levels.  Pearl Jam sure couldn’t.  The Stones didn’t.  The Beatles were the only band to have that sort of staying power in terms of PRODUCING great music and even they had  to call it quits, not because they ran out of material, but because George Harrison told everyone in the room to fuck off because their heads no longer fit into one room together. 

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on this……

In other news:

1. Informal interview tomorrow.  With a cool company that I will not mention here because there is no need to have that picked up on a blog where I just used the word “fuck” ….several times.

2. Reading E.L. Doctorow’s Billy Bathgate.  Good read.  He could be one of my favorite author’s. 

3. For just about every job I want there is a need for:   Media, Digital, PR, or Television experience…..which I have ummm…..about solutely not very much of.  But I sure would be willing to learn.

4. I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today….only spent $23.  New record for me. 

5. Who is excited for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie to come out?  Me! Me! Me!

6. Got invited to an office holiday party.  I think I will be putting on dancing shoes that night kids!  (Ok, it is complete white guy dancing and I stand in one place, but I try)

7. Ok, now I’m listening to the Cranberries…………DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!!!!!!  It is late and I’m lonely.

8. Do..Do…Do…Do…….Do…Do…Do…Do………..

9. I just had a great idea!!!!  (See my next blog entry for more details)

10. Marathon training is going TERRIBLY!!!!  I think it has to do with the weight gain.  Still chipping away there.  I get to six miles and I my body is completely unwilling to keep moving.  (You rat bastard of a body!!!)

11. I took a couple of NYQuil tablets about an hour ago so if this starts going in some crazy directions…well, you now know why. 

12. I want to buy a Panda from the Chinese National Government (how do you think that would go over?  and how do I start that process….is there an application you have to fill out….some form of custodial form?  I mean it is an animal, it isn’t like I want to adopt a kid…I just want to snag a Fat Bear who eats bamboo all day for my personal enjoyment)

13. Oh Zombie is now playing!   I just did some research on violence in Northern Ireland for something I am writing.  (The two do tie in together)

14. The Office is still funny…….Two and a Half Men is not.  

15. The Red Sox have a new manager.  We’ll see how this goes…..