Letter to 60 Year Old Andrew

by agoodnow

I once wrote a letter to 18 year old Andrew.  I thought it was a decent exercise, but how about writing a letter to 60 year old Andrew.   What are my aspirations?  So here goes:

Dear 60 Year Old Andrew,

Wow, you made it this far?  Pretty crazy.  So by now you must have accomplished quite a bit.  So, in keeping with my usual style (and I hope you have no discontinued this method), I’ll be making a list of the things I think you will have achieved, should still be working toward, or I hope that you have avoided.

1. You best own a bar old man!  If you don’t then start saving those social security checks that you certainly will never, ever see and open that place.  Come on, get it together.

2. How is your third wife? 

3. Totally kidding because I’m sure your first (and only wife) is reading this with you.  She hot?  Like classic beauty hot where she ages well…….I’ve got my fingers crossed for you buddy!

4. I am hoping you are still writing and perhaps even making a career out of it.  Boy, wouldn’t that be something.  Getting paid to write. 

5. Any kids?  You are a tad scared about that one, but I’m sure when the right girl comes along (who has super human abilities and can stay up all night with the kids and is actually motherly) it will makes sense.  And if you don’t have by now….dude, get on that…you are the last in the blood line.  Pick up that blue pill (I’m sure Viagra will still be around, it is a timeless drug) and get to work. 

6. Do you own a sailboat?  Cause that would be awesome!

7. If you have yet to go to Ireland, do it…….now.

8. How did the whole thing with Israel and Iran pan out? 

9. Cool how the Red Sox won half of all baseball championships in these past 30 years……sweet.  I’m sure Dustin Pedroia is in the Hall of Fame by now.

10. Did you ever hike Mt. Kilimanjaro?  How much time do you have left to get that done?

11.   I’m curious, do you still play the same lottery numbers?

12. Was leaving your corporate job at the age of 29 to pursue your passions the right call?  I’m really hope so.

13. How old were you when you went full out gray hair?

14. I bet you have owned a Porsche and you probably got it when you turned 45.  I know you.  You did.

15. How old were you when you left NYC?  Still there? 

16. I bet you still regret October 2, 2008.

17. When was the last time you were at 16 Mast Road?

18. How many of your friends have kids who call you “Uncle Leg”? 

19. How was the NYC marathon?  You did run that, right?  No really, if you haven’t run that race….get your knee braces on and do that thing.

20. Is Jon Stewart President of the US yet?  No really?  That wouldn’t bother 29 year old you.

21. Please tell me you have avoided prescription medications. 

22. Do you own an island?  No pressure on this one, but if you happen to have a spare $3m sitting around due to your International Bestseller, “Goodnow – The Man, The Myth, The Legend”  then maybe you should treat yourself.

23. What a great title for a book!!!!  Just think about it.

In conclusion, I hope you tear it up in your old age.  I’m going to keep eating blueberries in hopes that it will benefit you in those twilight years.  You’re welcome!  Now go take your wife out to the early bird special and call all of your remaining living friends. 

Regards (because you are old),

Andrew J. Goodnow

29 Years Old

Living in New York City