Bus Rodeo

Walking down the street I saw this dude wearing a jacket that has stitched in the back of it

“School Bus Rodeo Champion”

What……..the……….fuck……..is a school bus rodeo?

Seriously?  How does that work?  So I had some thoughts as to what is might be………

1. The big school bus tries to catch the Short Bus. 

2. It is like Pimp My Ride, only for the school bus.  Kind of like what Snoop Dogg bought for his son’s football team.

3. Bus drivers race each other in order to pick up kids and get them to school ASAP.   Funny story about that.  One day my bus driver was late in picking us up for school so he had to take the highway and he was driving the bus at highly unsafe speeds.  Kids fell out of their seats.  The driver was playing loud rap music on Hot 97.  I miss that guy.  He wore this purple beret.  Real pimp.  Some days his infant child would be on the bus.  It was the best bus ride ever.

4. Bus drivers get LOADED and try to rope each other.

5. Bus drag races down the West Side Highway.

6. Bus drivers dress up in drag.  I think that would be good for the kids.

7. They allow wild animals on the bus the monitor the children. I want you to think about how funny that would be.  A bull on a school bus. 

Just some school bus thoughts.


In other news:

I should avoid Park Slope at all costs.

The movie Step Brothers is just so amazing that I might actually urinate all over myself.  Is that too much info?  It might be, but I am that passionate about this movie.

I want to lease helicopters.

I want to throw a football.

I could go for some BBQ right now.

How about that Albert Pujols?  How exciting. $254m.  Phew……sure wish I could get that kind of cash writing a book.

Facebook has become a sea of children’s photos.  It is getting painful.  Between that and wedding photos it is truly depressing.