by agoodnow

25,000 people have viewed this blog.  That is pretty awesome. Ok, perhaps that isn’t people but that is how many views I have gotten.  That said, I can only imagine that one person views the site and then reads it to an entire room full of people.  Like auditoriums full of people.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog has reached as many as 1,000,000 people AND has deeply, profoundly changed people’s lives.  Ok, probably not, but maybe somebody got a laugh or two. 

At least. 

So I think it is funny that my most viewed pages are the following:

1. Guy Running Down the Street in a Thong.  Apparently lots of people Google the guy who runs around my neighborhood in lingerie. 

2. Porn Star Mustache.  Yeah, lots of people look that up.  Odd.

3. Drinking Bucket List.  I get that.  Makes sense to me.

4. Christmas Update Letter.  To date, my best work.

5. Chapter one of the book.  Writing a book is hard.  Editing it is harder.

So I would like to thank anyone who reads this blog.  I really do enjoy writing down my random thoughts and I hope that perhaps it adds a little something to your day.