Dragon Tattoos and Girls

by agoodnow

I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Thoughts on it

1. Great movie.  Worth the $13.50.

2. Screenplay adaptation from the book was well done.  Small changes were made, but they made perfect sense.

3. The rape scenes were…..graphic. 

4. Rooney Mara did such a good job as Lisbeth. 

5. Rooney Mara has a smoking hot body.  Dragon tattoo and all.

6. Rooney Mara is not her real name.

7. I hated the opening credits.  It looked like a terrible James Bond intro.  Ironic because Daniel Craig was in the movie.

8. The people behind me were talking about the differences between the book and movie the entire time.  I had to do a couple of look backs (you know, because I’m so intimidating)

9. They drink lots of coffee in Sweden.

10. The movie flew by.  There was very little lull in the action.

11. It would be the single worst date movie in the history of the world.  I repeat………DO NOT GO ON A DATE WHILE SEEING THAT MOVIE!  Just don’t.  EVER.  I didn’t want to think about sex for the rest of the night after seeing that.  I would feel weird about even shaking a woman’s hand.  I went home and did not leave for the rest of the evening.  I just wanted to be alone.  

12. There were five previews.  The previews are my favorite part of the movie going experience.

13. There was a senior citizen haggling with the woman in the box office.  She almost made me AND about twenty other people miss the previews.  I can’t state how much that would have upset me.  Seriously, why are you haggling?  I was about to give the woman the $5 she was attempting to save. 

14. Sweden looks cold.

15. I wouldn’t mind being an investigative journalist.  It looks like stressful fun.  The type of situation that would be good for me.

16. I wonder how they put the island together where the bulk of the movie was filmed.  It was very close to the book. 

Go see the movie, but I would actually suggest watching it alone and not with the following:

1. A date

2. A parent

3. A girl with a Dragon Tattoo on her back

4. Someone who hasn’t read the book

5. Anyone who chews loud (just annoying)