by agoodnow

Recap of 2012

1. It began with me running a race in Central Park and drinking champagne.

2. I quit a job that was safe, secure, and not overly fulfilling.

3. I went to Europe.

4. I finished my first book.

5. I quit therapy.

6. I ran one half marathon.  A disappointing number.

7. My Mom saw my tattoo and freaked out about it.

8. Iceland – the sun doesn’t go down there.

9. Iceland – the women are crazy.

10. I realized that I made some mistakes in life. 

11. I don’t think it is too late to fix them.

12. The Red Sox took the year off.  Convinced of that.

13. I did not drink enough red wine.

14. I did not blog enough.

15. I did not get a cat.

16. I did not publish my book. 

I will turn 30 this year.  I am not sure if that is a clean slate or a new set of worry.