Seinfeld – Susan Dies

by agoodnow

The Seinfeld episode where Susan dies, is a true American treasure. 

George starting smoking to end the relationship.   Can we talk about how genius that is?  Please note – if I ever start smoking that will be the reason why.  That is a great idea.  I would have used that with two girls I wanted to break up with.  They both would have flipped out.  They would have been appalled.  I think for the reason that it would have been so shocking.  Just one day walk into the living room and light up a Marlboro.  Done.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time.

Jerry picturing his life in the future with Kramer.  Kind of made me wonder what I will look like when I’m older. 

Jerry realizing that he made a big mistake getting engaged.  I think a lot more people should make that realization.  I think you can be too compatible with another person.  If all of your interests are the same there is no variation.  Just a thought.

The ordeal of who you can invite/ask to be in your wedding.  I think that will be interesting for me if/when I ever get engaged.  But then again, that would involve meeting a nice girl and her being able to put up with me for at least a year. 

George calling Marissa Tomei to tell her he is single again.  “You know, I’ve got the funeral tomorrow, but my weekend is pretty wide open.”  I pretty much lost it when I saw that. 


The moral here is that Seinfeld has practical life lesson to teach us all.