New York City Marathon 2012

by agoodnow


So here is the deal.  Andrew just got his guaranteed entry into the 2012 New York City Marthon.  (They let you in if you get rejected three years in a row.) All I’m saying, is come get some NYC.   Here is my NYC marathon training guide.  Ready?  Cause I have some inventive ways to train.

1. Big fella has to lose thirty…….five pounds before I run that race.  I figure a few long runs and we’ll be all set there.  But running at 220 pounds  can’t be good for my knees.

2. Changes in diet.  I ate a salad for the first time in months today.  May have to do more of that.

3. Need to find a running buddy with whom I can go for long runs.  More for motivation than anything else.  The running buddy will need to know that I swear a lot.  Usually at things like hills.  “Fuck you hill!  Fuck you!”  I’m not joking.  I do that.  I think it might put me into the “crazy guy running” category.

4. Time to start hitting the Glucosamine.  The stuff that is good for your joints. 

5. Yoga is no longer for looking at hot girls, wearing tight pants, doing down dog.  Nope, I will be hitting that yoga at least once a week. 

6. I guess I should start making use of my gym membership.

7. I think I will blog about it.

8. Can’t go a full week without running from now until November.   I tend to do that. 

9.  Gotta get more Podcasts to listen to while I’m out getting my sweat on.

10. More soda water.  Less beer.  Sad, but true.

11. Might be time to go back to the …………..pescatarian diet.  I’m not a huge fan of that, but it will help shed the pounds.

12. I must find a place to run other than Central Park.  I am so sick of those fucking hills.

13. Need more running underwear.  The good Under Armour stuff.

14. Time to get new running shoes.  Jack Rabbit Sports here I come!!!!

15. Also, time for more pedicures.  Yep, I said it.  I don’t mind getting my feet washed. 

16. Prayer.  Going to pray more.  Works for Tim Tebow. It will work for me.  Jesus may literally carry me the last couple of miles.  He is going to come down, pick me up, and take me to the finish line.  People are going to be like, “Is that Jesus carrying Andrew Goodnow?  Wow, he must be pretty important.” 

17. Hydration.  Time for a couple gallons of water a day.

18. Time to buy a copy of Runner’s World.

19. Maybe I will run parts of the course so that I can be properly prepared.  I know that I will be good on First Ave.  I mean, I live there.  Probably can’t run the bridges.  That might be dangerous with the cars  and all.

20.  I need to get a t-shirt with my name on it so people can yell my name on the course.  Oh, also, I think I will get myself a panda hat.  Who wouldn’t cheer for the guy in the panda hat?  Satan?

21. Time to get a year’s supply of Lanacaine.  (ie, anti-chaffe cream)

That’s my list.  Hopefully I will stick to it.  Get some more routine in my life.  I sure am excited to torture my body for about four hours in November.