by agoodnow

I was doing some fact checking for my novel and in one of the chapters I mention a character leaving the USA for a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.  I wanted to be sure that I was correct so I went online to check it out.

Oh my good, holy Lord. 

There is more info out there on this than I would have assumed possible.   On one website alone I found the following:

1. Legal basis for extradition

2. A summary of how you can avoid extradition

3. Countries with extradition treaties with the US

4. How to avoid Interpol if you are hiding out

5. What to do after Interpol locates you

I was shocked.  This is an actual company located in the USA that is legally giving advice on how to use tax shelters abroad in countries where you can hide out if “things get too hot.”  I was laughing as I read the information on the website.  How is this allowed to operate?  How many lawyers must be employed by this company? 

Anyhow, I have not been blogging as much because I have been completely immersed in publishing the book.  I know I write that a lot, but I always see room for improvement.  Some days I read parts of it and think that I wasted a large chunk of my life writing it and other days I think that it isn’t so bad and there is some good writing on the page.   Guess it depends on the day.