I love dogs

by agoodnow

Sitting at Starbucks on 69th and 1st, I like to sit by the window.  You see all sorts of interesting things.  One day a woman sat down on a bench outside with a parrot on her shoulder, sometimes a pretty woman will walk by, and yesterday….oh yesterday was awesome…..this guy is walking down the street with a Golden Retriever that wasn’t on a leash.  I would like to remind everyone that this is the middle of Manhattan.  The owner comes inside of the store and the dog sits outside at the door waiting for him to return.   So I’m like, fuck it….I’m gonna go play with the dog.   It was awesome.  Such a good dog.  The owner came out and we chatted for a bit.  I don’t think I would ever trust an animal as much as he trusts his dog to stay, but apparently he is trained well.  But what if someone stole him?  Entirely possible.   I once dated a girl who (and I’m not joking) would have seriously considered picking up the dog and running away with it.  It was such a cute, awesome dog.  I wouldn’t leave him outside to be stolen.  Another funny item of note.  There were two cops sitting in their car watching the dog.  Nothing was said about a leash law (there must be a leash law in this city).  I was rather shocked to be honest. 

Makes me realize.  I want a dog.  A cool one who likes to hang out and gives high fives to everyone he sees. 

In other news…..my neighbors cat was pissed today.  He or she was crying hysterically all day.  I am a little worried that the woman across the hall from me might have passed away of something.  One more day of this and I’m knocking on the door to make sure she is OK.  I actually like my across the hall neighbor.  She is cool and we bitch about the hotel that is being operated next door to us.  I hope she didn’t die.  That would be a buzz kill.

I have a friend with a 22 pound cat.  I think you have to work to get a cat that large.  The things belly is bigger than my head.  And I have a big head.

Alright, that’s all I got.

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