Editing my 30th

There is a reason I am a writer and not an editor.  There is also a reason why I should hire an editor for my next book.  It has been an interesting experience to read my own book in paper.  The small mistakes that just stare at me saying, “Yes, I know you worked on me for two years, but I’m still here.  I hid and you are only finding me now!”  Ok, Mr. Typo…you win this round, but I do have another course of action.  A second version. 

I have spent the last two days reading the book again looking at the small things like

you = your

bad = bag

I t = it

Just the little things like that which can obstruct the flow of the content.  I will be 100% honest, I’m a little bit glad they are there.  It is a learning process.  I’m happy to make mistakes that can be fixed and I’m happy to learn from them.  As my first book, I’m very happy with the product and I’m also glad that I am able to make corrections (at $25 per upload).  What is important to me is that people liked the story.  People liked the pace.  The writing was good.  The spelling was off in some places.  Overall, I’ll take it.

Moral of the story – next time, I’m hiring an editor.


In other news…I turn 30 on Friday.  Not all that concerned.  Things are going….ok…right now and I’m sort of rolling with what life hands me.  True, a job and steady source of income would be awesome, but I’m actively working on that. My suit has gotten a whole lot of use lately. 

Oh, the whole no cable thing has been a unique experience.  Turns out I sleep better with the TV off.  Good for me.  Who would have thought?  Instead of watching TV I’m doing things like reading, writing, job hunting, and laundry.  Hell, I even did my dishes today. 

I have also decided to move out of the apartment.  Starting to get rid of stuff I don’t need.  I have a large stack of magazines that need to go tomorrow.  After that the GoodWill bag is going to get started.  Then I will sell some stuff on Craigslist that I don’t think I’ll need / want to move.  (I’m looking at you coffee table and couch) 

All good things.