Good-bye Twenties!

by agoodnow

I feel when you are young and are still able to have dreams about what your life will look like you can easily fool yourself into the belief that things are easy. 

I thought that by 30 I would be a lawyer or a stock broker.  Just where I saw myself.  It is what I felt I would be good at.   Clearly life had other ideas.  I got a job in insurance and after six years decided to walk down a different path.  I wanted to write so I quit my job, went to Europe, and wrote a book.   So I wrote a book, that’s great.  I now need to make a living again.  I’m not sure where or how, but I think a new direction would work.  I will continue writing, but until that pays a bill or two I need a job. 

I’m going to list some of the things I did in my twenties….

Ran a marathon

Graduated from college

Got my first job

Traveled to Europe

Went to most major American cities

Got in trouble at work for this blog

Went to Hawaii

Published a book

Ran four half marathons

Volunteered – though not enough

Dated some awesome women

Dated some not awesome women

Got my first apartment

Lived in Philly

Lived in NYC

Lived in Delaware

Visited Buffalo

Saw the Red Sox win the World Series – twice

Saw the Patriots win a Super Bowl or two

Saw the Celtics win a championships

Saw the Bruins win the Stanley Cup

Saw the majority of my friends get married – 17 weddings

My sister was born

I realized I don’t like cubicles, but can tolerate them

I realized I don’t like wearing a suit, but I look damn good in one

Park Slope is not all it is cracked up to be

I have made mistakes and learned from them

I am a work in progress

I know I want to work for myself in some capacity

I still think 32 is going to be my best year


So I have a few hours left in my 20’s.  They were pretty good, but you know what?  I think my 30’s will be a whole lot better.  Besides, I’m getting much better looking with age.