What a humbling…

What a humbling game this golf.  I have been down in Hilton Head, SC for the last couple of days playing the game of the insane.  I was once very good at golf.  Not great, but good.  Well, the last two days have shown me that I am no longer good….at all.  I have no control over the ball.  My short game is scary bad.  I can’t get out of the sand.  This list could go on for about ever, but I will spare you that list.

What I will say is that I miss golf.  I miss being good at it. Being outside, enjoying the company of others, drinking a couple of beers….I could certainly do that a couple times a week.  Beats a day at the office.

I get why people live in warm places.  I wore shorts and short sleeved shirt today…on February 16th.  Amazing.  It made me feel like a better person, maybe it was the vitamin D my body has missed.

Also, I need to get back into shape.   Golf drained me.  GOLF.  With a cart.  Yeah, exactly.  That is bad news bears.

I am down here with a good friend and we are staying at his parent’s home.  Wow, they sure are awesome.  We are having a great time.  Loving life right now. 

Ya know, I could move down here.  Maybe not Hilton Head, but maybe somewhere around here.  Warm, friendly people, golf, and hell…I can write anywhere.

I hope you had a great day -whoever you are reading this.

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