Learn to love the ride….

by agoodnow

Life is a moving target.  Not that I want to shoot at it, but I want to keep moving.  Keep experiencing new things, new places, new people.  Maybe that is why I have not yet settled down.  Maybe I see life as a progression, as a (and I’m going Hemingway here) moveable feast.  Maybe there is a reason why I feel this need to up and leave where I am right now.  Not that I am unhappy, but I feel like life has become contained in a ten block radius.  Like I have fallen into routine that I have desperately tried to fight.  There is a lot to be gained from routine, but I feel it is the enemy of creation and the fastest way to fail as a writer.  There is a difference between routine and dedication, never forget that.

I am nervous….there is a lot going on in my life.  I am not scared.  I am not running.  I am pursuing a dream, a passion, a career I believe in, a career I know will lead me to success.  I am not afraid of risk.  I am not afraid of falling.  I am willing to risk it all because I am only doing this one fucking time and I damn well want to be remembered with words I put on a page.

“I know we’ll be just fine, if we learn to love the ride.”