What I am Taking

by agoodnow

I am about all packed and ready to go.   Packing sucks, but then again so does moving. 

Four years I have been in this building.  Wow.  Crazy to think I have been in New York for four years.  Cleaning/packing up after that much time I found a whole lot of old things that were buried under the layers of life.  I found notes, cards, books, clothes, receipts…..things that reminded me of the people who have been in my life in my time here. Some I wish I could take with me and others I’m willing to leave right where they are. 

I never had many guests.  I’m not really sure why.  I just didn’t.  I suppose I’m not the best host.  I never cleaned a whole lot, but the place was always presentable (ish).  I spent New Year’s here once.  I watched too much TV.  I published a book while here.  I left for a month to go to Europe.  I trained for a marathon.  I worked a corporate job from here and woke up at 4:30 am to get to Chicago.  I bought my first “real picture” to hang on the wall.  It is Lower Manhattan and I love it – others did not.  I bought a writing desk so that I could cover it in papers that didn’t matter.  Very little writing ever got done.  I had places for everything.  Bagels, coffee, cheap food, cheap beer, date spots, after work spots, places I ran.

I will miss it here.  There are things I won’t miss, but why think on the negatives.  I’m excited to leave, I’m excited for a new adventure, I’m ready for the next chapter to begin. 

68 and 1st