Rainy Maui

by agoodnow

So I am here in Maui.  For those of you geographically challenged, that is a Hawaiian island.  For some reason I decided to come here during the rainiest period Maui has experienced in several years.  Shit happens I guess.  At the least it is still warm, but grey….very grey and very wet.  I was sort of hoping for some beach weather over here, but nope.  No beach weather.  At least I will be here for a few weeks, how much would it suck if I were here for only one week and it rained AND the weather yesterday was MUCH nicer in New York City than it was here.  Unreal. 

So one thing about Maui…things close early.  Like ummm….very early.  Like the bus stopped running at 9 and I ended up on a trek to get back to my cousin’s place (where I am staying) that resulted in me getting lost on a golf course, climbing a hill, and standing by the side of a dark highway for him to pick me up.  It was   an adventure of epic proportions OR as I would call it, a regular Wednesday night in Maui. 

As I have been writing this (I writer very slow) the sun has poked its shy head out and is shining down.  Woohoo….I think I’ll go get bronzed today.  Get a nice tint to my skin going on here.  (Ok, that isn’t true.  I burn.  Badly.  I am that idiot that always says, “Oh, I’ll just be in the sun for a half hour.”  And three hours later I have sun poisoning and can’t move for three days.  I never claimed to be the smartest guy out there.) 

Yesterday it rained all day long.  Soooooo I finished the fourth season of Breaking Bad.  Yup, crazy show.  It was an effective use of my time.  However, I hope to not be inside watching TV all that much while I am here.  I mean, that would just suck.


Alright, time to go do outside stuff (though I am outside right now).  Thinking about going for a bike ride (once I get the tire fixed that popped on me the first day I was here.)