What Time is it in Maui?

by agoodnow

I love the time difference here.  Interesting to get text messages at 11 PM from NYC when it is 4 AM there.  Awesome.  Thank you DB.  Even better was the content of the text was about apartment hunting and how we need to start getting serious about it.  (I am laughing just thinking about this).  What a thought to have at 4 AM.  Oh alcohol, the things you make us think of. 

I realized the NCAA tournament games will start at 5 AM Maui time.  That is kind of early. 

My sleep pattern is that of a normal human again!  Woohoo!  I am asleep by 11 PM and awake at 8 AM.  It is great.  The sun (that hasn’t been out much since I got here) does take a lot out of you.

It would be very difficult to day trade from here.  You would have to wake up by 3 AM to get up to speed with the markets.   Then again, you would be done with work by noon and be able to hit the beach.  I can see some potential there.

Three years ago when I came to Maui my sleep pattern was so out of whack it was scary.  This year I feel like a million bucks.  It is wonderful. 

I am growing to enjoy pineapple. 

Coffee here is good, but not too strong.

I went into the ocean yesterday despite the water being cloudy.  That is the type of water where “predatory” creatures wander closer to shore.  (I only went in up to my waist as not to get eaten by Jaws.  Yes, I am terrified of sharks.)

Today is windy and a cloudy, but I am wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  Who am I to complain?