Writer’s Block

by agoodnow

I have hit a writer’s block.  Or writer’s block has hit me.  It isn’t a good feeling.  I can express things, but not in a functional fashion where ideas string together into paragraphs that would eventually become a book that individuals could read.  Darn.

So here are some thoughts:

I am in Hawaii on the island of Maui.  It is far too small. Being here for a month is cool, but anything more than that would be far, far too much. I feel like I am on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Mad Men starts next week.  Thank the good lord. 

St. Patrick’s Day here was sort of a joke.  Not much going on.  Some people wore green.  People got drunk during the day (which is no different than what I have seen of people every other day I have been here, seems to be something of the beach culture)

Opening day = soon.  Very soon.  I’m slightly optimistic about this year for the Sox.  I’m glad they are not favored to win this year though they have nearly the same team. 

People on Maui smoke A LOT of weed.  You smell it almost everywhere you go.  I am almost getting used to people just smelling like pot all the time.  I’m a social outcast because I do not partake.  

Oh hey, I have sold some books while out here.  Just chatting with random people they take interest in wanting to read something by a person they have met.  It won’t pay for the trip, but it is nice to see My Sober Year still selling. 

Jon Stewart was hilarious this week. 

East Bound and Down.  All I gotst to say. 

I’m going to start running.  Tomorrow.

I can do 8 push ups.  I have not attempted to do more than that in fear my limbs might snap like twigs. I do not want my limbs to snap like twigs. 

I am the only person I know who gets fat before going to a tropical paradise.  I’m dense like that. 

In Maui it rains in the mountains and the wind will blow the rain down to the beach thus making it perfectly sunny, yet raining.  It is sorta awesome.  And odd. 

I hate whales.  More on that in a separate blog post.  But I hate whales. 

I need to be more honest in my writing.  Maybe that is what is holding me back.  Just maybe. 

If you are reading this and have yet to buy My Sober Year, you are missing out.  Best quote about it, “I haven’t read anything other than Yankees books or Dan Brown in ten years, but I couldn’t put your book down.”  That coming from a man they call “Fat Nick” or “Fatty”    Just sayin…….