An Odd Dream

by agoodnow

So I had this odd dream last night:

I was on an airplane that crashed, but I lived.  It was somewhere in Central America and I was flying American Airlines.  I’m not sure why I remember that.  Anyways we crash and then another plane crashes right after us, but it isn’t a plane, it is an RV (kind of like the flying RV in the movie Spaceballs).  So all sorts of vehicles are dropping and I’m wondering why I’m alive.    Strange enough, nobody made a very big deal about it and I was thinking “I just survived a plane crash!  Isn’t that sort of a big deal?  Come on people!”  But nope, nobody cared so I got on another plane, this one flew over the Statue of Liberty (OK, here is where things get REAL WEIRD) and on top of the Statue of Liberty a Russian helicopter has crash landed on the crown.  There are Russians stranded on top of the statue.  Clearly it means I need to leave the airplane (can’t explain how this happened) and go help them.  So here I am on the top of the Statue of Liberty and I am helping the Russians get inside the statue through some portal in the top of the crown, but there are these fat Russian women who are drunk and I can’t get them to move and one keeps falling backward and I have to catch her or she is falling off the Statue of Liberty.  Finally I get them to the portal and this guy is there (like a tour guide) and he is telling us we can’t get down.  So I start yelling at him about how the statue could call over at any moment.  

That’s when I woke up.  Yep.  I’m not even sure what that could mean, but between the plane crash and the Russians, and the Statue of Liberty I think I might have a good spy novel out of this one.  

I’m glad I didn’t talk in my sleep or flail around.  “Get in the Statue of Liberty now!”  Can you imagine hearing someone yell that in their sleep?