The Hunger Games

by agoodnow

I saw The Hunger Games last night.  Me and every 13 year old girl who lives on the island of Maui was in the theatre.  Enjoyable movie.  Would have been better with a rating of R.  Clearly there will be a sequel.  Going to the movies here is about 25% less expensive than NYC.  

A large Hawaiian woman spilled a large Coke on me.  So that was awesome. 

The theatre was about 12 degrees, which is odd because people in Hawaii don’t do all that well with cold and nobody carries around a sweater with them.  

All of the theatres are mini.  I suppose they don’t have the throngs of movie goers seeing how the weather is almost NEVER bad here. 

A couple of characters were changed in the movie version – making them nicer, more likable.  I get where they were going with it, but it did change certain dynamics.

I wonder how much money Suzanne Collins is making off of all of this.  I hope it is a lot.

I like the name Katniss.  I wonder how many children are named Katniss this year.  I bet it is a lot. 

A little more explanation of where in the USA everything is located would be nice.  I would like to see a map of where they are. 

Next Halloween…….Katniss will be the big costume.  Me, I’m going to dress up like Cinna.  (Ok, maybe I can’t pull off Lenny Kravitz)

Lots of schools are taking field trips to see the movie.  There are some scenes with small children being murdered by other children.  Not sure if that is the message we want to be sending. 

I wonder if any kids get the idea to hunt each other because of this.  A bunch of bored kids go into the woods with homemade weapons and hunt each other.  (Maybe that is the next reality TV show…only without the murder part)

Go see the movie, but read the book first.  The book is better.