My Book Hits Number 11 and Med Men Returns!

by agoodnow

Last night I dreamt that I looked on Amazon and my book was number 11 on the bestseller list.  Boy, that sure was nice and frankly, I don’t think it is impossible.  I could get there.  “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”

I would like more of my dreams to be about me achieving my goals rather than being on airplanes that are in the midst of crashing or being at the top of a skyscraper that is swaying from side to side. But here is the thing with dreams, they occur while I am sleeping and not doing anything to work toward them.  

I did a lot of work yesterday on a couple of things:

1. An idea for a reality TV show.  

2. An ad campaign that I can pitch to a potential employer.  

3. A new outline for the end of the book I am writing (Oh, no more roses and happy endings)

And then I went to the beach and met a guy who runs an art gallery…who, offered me a job.  hahahaha.  And I quote, “People show up to job interviews without a shirt on.  If you can wear pants and think you have a job.”

I thought that was funny.  

Who is excited for Mad Men?  Oh yeah….525 day wait = over.  I blame AMC for this, but whatever, I’m over it, ready to move on and watch Don Draper drink too much and womanize.  Oh, and I don’t mind Joan either.  So many things can happen.  So many story lines.  So exciting.  

Hey Gina, weren’t we supposed to have some sort of a party for this?  I guess me being in Hawaii puts a damper on that one.  

I am going to have to avoid all media outlets until I see the show as for no spoilers.  That would suck after waiting almost two years to see the new show.  

In the meantime, this fat panda is hitting the beach.