Mad Men Season Premiere

Well done Mad Men.  Well done.  Great open to the season.  Some plot lines that I’m excited about.  I like how race is going to end up being a huge player.  I think Don is going to get sick of the new wife and soon.  I think the Pete Campbell vs. Roger Sterling story line is going to come to a head when Pete does something underhanded.  It will finally end up burning him.  I bet one of Don’s old flames comes back.  I like that Betty didn’t show her smug face.  Peggy continues to be awesome.  I want her to fight Don’s new wife.  I thought it was funny that Joan is coping with the post baby weight / not being in the office.  She may be the biggest alpha personality of them all.  Pete Campbell is the first person to be anti-smoking that I have noticed.  Interesting that they are cash strapped BECAUSE of losing the Lucky Strike account.  that Roger was responsible for and now Pete is the anti-smoking guy.  Lane is such a DOG.  Love it.  Such a dog.  He would fuck anything that walks.  Dirty, dirty old man.  My guess, they hire a new black secretary and Lane has sex with her causing a stir in the office.  Come on, you know you see it coming. 

But for all that was right in the land of Mad Men, there were some flaws….and not with the content.  For every seven minutes of show there were four minutes of ads.  It was painful and ironic seeing how it is a show about advertising, but it interrupted the flow and got very annoying.  I can see why the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, has issues with AMC.  

I didn’t see much product placement.  Not sure why.  I’m sure it was there.  They always do.  

I can’t wait for next week, but I’ll tell ya, I may DVR it to get through the vast mountain of ads.  BRUTAL.