Children and Airplanes

by agoodnow

Oh, the joys of travel.  In order to get back from Maui I had to take three planes with a five hour lay over in San Diego.  Not a terrible trade off for having spent five weeks in paradise.  A tad bit of background, it is currently spring break which does not mean crazy co-eds shedding clothing and dancing on bars.  No, it means families galore.  Now I’m not completely opposed to procreation.  Nor am I opposed to family vacations.  What I do oppose is screaming children.  

On the plane leaving Maui there is a girl, about four years old, who starts screaming WHILE WE ARE STILL ON THE RUNWAY.   I can understand that the altitude can be rough on young kids and can cause inner ear pain.  But this girl was still at an elevation of ten feet.  Which leads me to – the kid is a brat. 

So she is screaming during take off and for the next ten minutes until we get up to the “approved electronic devices” height.  The mother is sitting there attempting to quiet the girl to no avail.  The poor person sitting next to them.  My goodness.  So now the mom is crying as the girl is screaming and………oh, what is this?  The dad comes over (apparently they couldn’t all sit together) and the crying stops.  Immediately.  Which leads me to…ummm…..why wasn’t the girl sitting with her dad?  

That is a parenting fail.  

Another two hours goes by….the entire plane is sleeping and……….”I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!!  MOMMY I HAVE TO GO POTTY NOW!!!!”  

So little girl, what you are saying is that you are in need of using the restroom facilities?  Because I’m certain you could alert your parents and they would be more than happy to help you out.  I’ve been there….you gotta go, you gotta go.  But come on.

She then started yelling “Let me out!”  Yeah, not sure if you want that kid.  Might end badly for you.  

My point here, if you know your kid can’t handle a plane ride, don’t take him or her on a plane. One thing if we got up to 37,000 ft and the kid was in pain because her eardrum burst, but she was simply ill behaved.  I know I sound like the terrible single guy, but to listen to a screaming child for hours on end isn’t fair for the rest of us.  

I then slept on a floor in San Diego for a few hours.  I was going to hit the beach while I was there but a) I was tired and b) I just spent the last five weeks at the beach.  Hence, the airport floor (where I was woken by a group of screaming children)

Next flight……..guess who is behind me???? A 14 month old who was just getting used to screaming (I can’t fault a14 month old for getting loud) but I can fault the mom for not stopping the child from kicking the back of my seat every five minutes (just to make sure I’m still awake I suppose).

I was glad to land. 

Should kids have to behave on planes?  Should their parents be responsible?  Should I just not care?  Does this make me a grumpy old man?  

See I’m not sure.  I am conflicted on this one.