Dog Sitting

If I ever say “I want a dog” please remind me of that time I decided to dog sit for my Mom while she went to Disney because dogs don’t let you sleep very much and certainly not for periods of time longer than five hours.  For those who may not know me, I enjoy my sleep.  I’m not saying that in a “I like sleeping all day long.”  No, no, no.  Not my deal.  However, between the hours of, let’s say midnight and seven AM, I wouldn’t mind some uninterrupted sleep.  Yeah, I had to let them out at 11 PM, 1 AM, 3 AM, 7 AM.  I think  they are taking advantage of me.  Oh, and the escaped….twice.  Do you know how difficult it is to round up four small dogs who haven’t seen much of the real world?  It is like they just escaped from the zoo.  There is this big new world to explore.  For them to urinate on and new things to bark toward.

How did they escape twice Andrew?  Did you leave a gate open or something?  Nope.  The fence repair guy came to “fix the fence”, but apparently he does not know how to “fix the fence” because the dogs were able to escape.  Right under it.  So now there is pretty much a barracade in front of the fence.  Lawn chairs, stray pieces of wood, some bright orange netting.  I had to work with what I had and despite the bad looks I am impressed that the dogs have not been able to escape again.  That said, it looks like homeless people live here.  All that is missing is a 1985 Buick Skylark on blocks in the front yard.  But whatever, my Mom left me with four dogs and at last count four dogs are still here. 

Also, three of the four dogs insist upon sleeping with me.  They are bed hogs.  They are a combined 24 pounds and are able to occupy 78% of a king sized bed.  I think that contributes to the lack of prolonged sleep.

So when I say, “I want to get a pet!”  Please remind me that it is a big responsibility that I’m just not prepared for.