NYC Marathon Prep

by agoodnow

Here I am.  Six and half months out from the NYC Marathon.  Time to get to work.  A few items of note before I start here:

1. I have run a marathon in the past.  Philadelphia 2010.   (I was 30 pounds lighter)

2. I have not been on a running “schedule” in over a year. 

3. I’m fat.

Goal # 1 – weight loss. 

Six weeks ago I weighed 224 pounds.  As of this morning that number was down to 219.  Progress!  I ran my first half marathon at 180 and my marathon at 190.  I have a feeling an extra 30 lbs will result in the following – slower times and injury.  My knees are messed up as is, no need to add an extra thirty pounds of pressure with every step.  

Time to eat more fruit and vegetables.  Less sugar and wheat.  Not cut them out because living to extremes is bad for you health (see last ten years of my life). 

On November 1st I want to be at 180.  Completely do (able)  That would be ripping shirt of at the finish line shape (and people would not point and stare and ask who the big, fat man is who just finished the marathon.  It would actually be a human interest piece if I ran the marathon in my current condition.  The headline in the New York Post would read :  Fattest Man Ever to Run Marathon – Body Mass Index of 48%.  Story on Page 4!)

Goal # 2 – Stick to a running schedule.  I’m bad at this one.  When I ran my first half marathon (where I had my best time) I didn’t miss a run.  Not one.  So I figure this time around I need to be just as focused, apparently the NYC course isn’t exactly easy.  So I’ll wake up and put one foot in front of the other – repeat.  


Goal # 3 –  Break 4:05.  That would be an almost a 20 second per mile improvement on a harder course.  Of course, breaking my last time of 4:13.45 (not that it is committed to memory) would be plenty good for me.  


Goal #4 – Avoid injury.  Lots of ice.  Yoga.   Getting unfat will help that.  


Goal #5 – Be awesome.  That is a goal in general. 


Goal #6 – Come up with a t-shirt that people will notice.  I get motivated by people screaming my name (and not just on the race course ladies).