The NCAA Is A Joke


That is what the NCAA is right now.

So the Kentucky Wildcats win the NCAA tournament and their entire starting five declares for the NBA draft.  Let me repeat this, the entire starting five players (3 freshmen and 2 sophomores) left school to go play in the NBA.  In my opinion none of them should be allowed to wear Kentucky blue ever again.  The same way the rest of the one and done players should not be allowed to declare loyalty to their school.  

The major college basketball programs are no longer for student athletes, it is the minor leagues.  A holding spot where these guys can hone their skills until the NBA will take them.  Which, frankly, I can’t fault an 18 or 19 year old guy for wanting to make millions of dollars.  Who I can fault – the schools.  Institutions make millions off of these kids without caring about preparing them for the next step.  It is nearly encouraging them to stay for a year and leave.  There is no skin in the game for either the student or the school.  So why do you think there are so many NCAA violations these days?  Because the kids don’t care if the school has to go on probation.  They won’t be there in a year or two.  By the time the school is suffering he will be making his millions.  How can a problem like this be solved?  There is no skin in the game and far too many millions at stake (seems contradictory, but it isn’t).  Coaches move schools, players leave…and who cares?  

The NCAA has an ad campaign…….There are over 360,000 student athletes and most of us will be going pro in something other than sports…..isn’t that cute?  As if to say “The guys you are watching right now don’t count, but we will educate the women’s track team.  That makes up for it, right?”

There is an NBA development league and these kids should be going there, not a program they will abandon in one year.  

It is time the the presidents of universities to step up and rebuild college athletics because it is a complete joke right now.  They are no longer student athletes, they are rental players.