Researching a Book

by agoodnow

Even when writing a work of fiction there is research that must be done before, during, and after the book has been written.  My current work has led me to some strange places that I thought I might share with you.  Some funny, some not so funny, some led me to disturbing places/blogs.  Take a look. 

Research for the current book – 

1. How much cash can one legally carry on board a domestic flight.

a. $10,000, but the TSA cannot count your money without a warrant

2. Prison life.  How does a middle aged white men cope with daily living in prison/jail?

a. Found a blog by a prisoner who sends typed letters to a friend who then posts then types them to blogspot.  Interesting.  Guy’s name is Prison Pete, though he hasn’t blogged in a couple of years (still alive) 

3. How much does an escort make a night?

a. Varies.  A lot.  

4. Gambling statistics.  How does one bet on soccer?

a. It is dumb.

5. When did Bridgeport, CT begin to decline?  

a. Bridgeport was once known as Park City.  A titan for manufacturing in the Northeast, however, in the 50’s and 60’s due to the “white flight” many families moved from the area to more suburban settings.  A city that once housed over 500 factories.  Today the two largest employers in the area are both hospitals.

6. When is the last train out of NYC to Connecticut.

a. (and I already knew this, but it is important to the book) 1:52 AM

7. When is The Largest Cocktail Party in the World?

a. The annual Florida vs. Georgia football game is held the last weekend in October.

8. Where is there a dog friendly place for brunch in Manhattan?

a. Upper East Side – Fetch on 3rd Ave.

9. Child Labor Laws in NYC

a. Strict.

My favorite FAQ was – Should it be reported if a minor is injured on the job?  

If you are asking that question you should probably just not employ a minor.  Just a recommendation. 

10. Where is there a dirty motel in southern Connecticut, good for a one night stand?

a. There are plenty.  Mostly off the Merritt Parkway where these motels were once the only game in town for travelers before I-95 was built.  Now a good deal of them, while still in operation, are no longer the well maintained establishments they once were.  


That is what I have been working on for the last couple of months.  Hoping to be done in the next couple of months.  HOPING.  The working title for the new book:  Finding Ronnie