Fenway Park 100th Anniversary

I am listening to Boston sports radio this morning.  My how I love it.  Not only because I can listen to the Boston take on the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Pats, but the callers.  I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.  

Callers on Fenway Park (today is the 100th anniversary celebration of the park opening) 

The place is a fira trap!

The seats are so smowl, last time i was there I was next to a 300 pounda, when I got home it was like I went 12 rounds with Tyson.

You gotta pay 50 to 75 dollas to paak the car.  The ushas are rude.  It is criminal.

Now they are arguing about who will or will not be honored at the celebration today.  

Who will not be there: Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Curt Shilling.  

I think that is a pretty big deal.  Those were three of the biggest names in Red Sox history.  I would have liked to see them back.  I think enough time has gone by for Clemens where the fans would celebrate what he did for the team.  

Manny – I can see that.  There hasn’t been enough time though he was instrumental in two of the World Series wins.  I think the fans would cheer.  At least they should – forget how he left (which was pretty shitty) – he was entertaining for seven years.

Shilling – he is a loud mouth, but he gave the Sox everything he had.  Plain and simple, he went out on the mound and threw the ball as hard as he could.  He also won a World Series.  

Clemens – less we forget his 192 career wins with the Sox or his 20 strikeouts gameS.  I would also like to point out that he did it all before he allegedly began using performance enhancing drugs.   


Who will be there- 

Nomar – remember his Sports Illustrated cover where he looks like he was completely on ster—— I mean looked like he had taken a couple extra protein shakes.  Maybe a Vitamin B12 shot.  

Mo Vaughn – The Red Sox most famous vegetarian

Bobby Dorr – Dude is 94, oldest living Red Sox.  Lives in Oregon.  Good for him.

Terry Francona –  Best Red Sox manager ever and not a bad announcer for ESPN.   Glad he will be there despite the Red Sox brass being complete assholes on his way out.


I know I will be watching today.  Should be fun to see how the crowds respond.  




*Interesting fact.  It cost as much to build Schafer Stadium (the old Patriots stadium) $7m as the Patriots organization spent on TV’s in the new Gillette Stadium $7m.  Wow