Where Brooklyn At?

by agoodnow

Where Brooklyn at, where Brooklyn at, where Brooklyn at?  – The Late Great Notorious B.I.G.

I went apartment hunting in Brooklyn over the weekend.  Guess what? There are some less than gentrified areas of the BK.  Who would have thought?  All I am saying is that my street credit is now at an all-time high.  All time.  

So I now know where I don’t want to live (I am looking at you Bushwick), now I have to figure out where I might want to hang my hat for the next 12 months or so.  

Other than that, well……..I think that is all I got.  Sort of boring right now.  Still plugging away at the book, trying to find an agent, and submitting to literary journals.  

I guess it would be nice if the Red Sox decided to start playing baseball.  Sometime.  Soon.  Maybe.  Oh well, I have the Bruins and Celtics for now.  

On Saturday I went back to my old stomping grounds.  That was fun.  

In summation – Finding an apartment is tough to do.