Some thoughts for the day:


1. Sarah Palin was not qualified to be the VP of the US.  ( I watched Game Change last night.  Scary.)

2. Jon Stewart happens to be funny.

3. Running while fat is painful – thus I had a salad for lunch

4. I just applied for (what I consider to be) one of the more interesting jobs going.  Account management for a digital ad agency.   Fast paced, new challenges….let’s keep the fingers crossed.

5. How about those Red Sox (beating all the bad teams and losing to all the good ones).  Going to be a long year. 

6. Heading to Tennessee tomorrow.  Have a wedding.  I am going to dress Kenny Powers chic (minus the Confederate flag and knife because that isn’t how us northern yuppie’s roll) however, the cutoff tuxedo and top hat. DONE (ok, not really, but I hope it inspires an idea for someone else)

7. It is time for Andrew to invest in an iPhone.  

8. NFL Draft is tonight……not that it matters to me due to the Patriots trading out of the first round EVERY YEAR.  

9. I keep thinking of myself as 29, which is odd because I’m 30.  

10. What happened to the 80 degree weather the east coast had while I was in Hawaii?  Unreal or maybe, completely believable.   

11. I have a new found appreciation for Pearl Jam.  I was checking out some of their live performances on YouTube.