Is NHL Overtime Hockey the Most Exciting Event in Sports?

by agoodnow

I’m not sure if there is anything more exciting in sport than overtime, playoff NHL hockey.  If there is, please let me know.  A few that might rival it:

1. A soccer shootout.  In Europe.  When you know there will be some form of a riot afterward.

2. NFL playoff field goal when the team is down by 2 and there is 3 seconds left. Especially when it is at the opposing team’s stadium.

3. World Series bottom of the ninth, down by a run, the number 3 batter comes up to face the opposing team’s closer, the count is 3-2.  That is pretty exciting. 

4. Cricket………..any part of that game is super exciting (I hear those games or matches can last for 20 hours or as I would call it for-fucking-ever)

5. The final round of a boxing match that is either:

a)completely lopsided so you know the guy losing on points needs the knockout


b) a fight that is so close you know they are each going to be swinging to knock each other out like crazy, knowing that they both need to leave it all in the ring

6. The Olympics.  Anytime an American might win.  Or the whole Michael Phelps thing was cool.  Rooting for him to break records was awesome.  So we will say once in a lifetime type opportunities.  Also, I really like chanting USA USA USA USA.   Even if I am alone, because it makes me feel good and patriotic.  

7. MLB perfect game.  Everyone is rooting for it, even the opposing fans of the pitcher.  I have seen two and both times it was amazing.  

8. Watching figure skating…….because, you know, the judging is always so clear cut and fair.  Same goes for gymnastics.  Stooooopid. 

9. Track and Field when “The World’s Fastest Man” (who isn’t on steroids) is racing.  I am amazed at how fast those guys can run.  They are like cheetahs. 

10. The start of the Indy 500 and the end if it is neck and neck.  To see two cars racing side by side at 225 MPH is quite the sight.  Of course, the rest of it is boring as fuck.  I would know, I have seen it 18 times now – let me repeat the beginning and end, everything else is just watching crashes which (by its very nature) is fucked up because people lose legs and die.

11. Celebrity boxing.  No, no it isn’t.  I lied.  There is nothing exciting about that.  UNLESS, I could see somebody beat up James Franco (I do not like him), then it would be the most exciting event in the history of the world (and I am counting the Gladiators in there).

12. Women’s beach volleyball.  I don’t not need to explain this to any heterosexual male.  Excitement is built into the “volleyball uniforms” or as I call them “best uniforms ever”.

13. Watching a friend of family member play a pro sport.  (None of my friends or family is talented enough so I would know, but I am assuming it would be)

14. The 18th hold of the Masters when the last pairing is within one stroke of one another and the guy from behind has a 30 foot putt to tie it up.  You have to be a golf fan, but that is nuts.  


When a guy goes nuts and has a put to break 30 on a side.  Fun to watch talent at its best.

15. Horse racing, a horse going for the triple crown. (and if you have money on it, I mean that is what makes it exciting)

16. Match point at the US Open for the Championship.  Not a huge tennis fan, but I will watch that. Especially if there is grunting involved.  

17.  Roulette in Vegas when I have way too much money on number 19.  (OK, it is usually AC or some other out of the way casino)  That is a sport right?  Right?  It feels like it at times.

18. Bowling.  When some crazy guy needs a strike to win so that he can do a celebration dance that is beyond all comprehension.  

19.  Sumo wrestling.  I just think it is exciting to see that people pay to see such a….a….well….grossly awesome event.  If that makes sense and I think it may.

20. Watching me run a marathon because I tend to swear a lot and yell at people along the course if they are not cheering.  I am out there busting my ass for their enjoyment the least you can do is clap for a second and give me a high fucking five.  Is that too much to ask?  Is it?  


So there you have it, my list of the most exciting sporting events.  Any suggestions for the list?  What is your favorite?