A-1 North Carolina

by agoodnow

So I just saw that the great state of North Carolina has decided to ban gay-marriage.  OK.  Got it.  Marriage = important.  Very, very important.  I see that.  Clearly your former US Senator and US Presidential candidate (who you all in NC elected) was very much about how important marriage between ONE man and ONE woman is.  

Kids, you can’t OR FOR THAT MATTER shouldn’t have it both ways.  If marriage is so fucking vital, so sacred, so high on your mantle I have a suggestion.  If for one year.  Just one, no heterosexual marriages result in divorce, you can have your law.  Until then, shut the fuck up.  Marriage is treated like a revolving door.  It is nowhere near sacred and from what I have seen Republican men tend to hump women like rabbits (I single out Republican men because they are the ones wanting to ban gay marriage – I am not saying Democrats don’t have the same problem)  A couple examples – you know, fuck it, let’s just think about the candidates for the Republican nomination and their conduct.  Multiple wives, affairs, divorces, harassment.  

I am sick of the double standard.  Just because you believe in a book doesn’t give you the right to dictate how other people live their lives.  Imposing a standard for one class of people while excluding another is, well, wrong.  I think we learned about this in Kindergarten.  Let’s all treat each other fair, regardless of what we consider true, factual reading material.  

In the end, I just want the government to have less impact on laws telling people what they can and cannot do with relations to an action that DOES NOT HURT ANYONE ELSE.   If two women want to get married how on earth does that have an adverse effect on someone who 

a) does not know them

b) will never have to interact with them

c) would never know if they were married or not unless they burdened themselves to find out


If you don’t like the idea of gay people getting married stay in your church where you don’t have to see it.  This is the real world.  People of the same sex will love each other, they will have lives together, and they should be able to get married, thus sharing in the ability to gain benefits as a family.  The same way heterosexual people do, because that is what people who want to make a life together do, they get married. 

I will end with this –

I don’t get it and am very glad I do not live in North Carolina. The integrity of individual rights is paramount to some people…….as long as those individual rights are their own and in line with interpretation from a book written 2,000 years ago.